Map and Directions

Stockbridge Map

The map at the right provides a map of the Stockbridge area. For a more detailed map see the Printable map of Calumet County.

For more detailed directions, see below:

From the North:

Follow Hwy 10 to Hwy 114. Stay on Hwy 114/Hwy 55 through Sherwood and where they divide, stay on Hwy 55 South to Stockbridge.

From the South:

From Fond du Lac follow Hwy 41 to Hwy 151 North. Where Hwy 151 and Hwy 55 divide, stay on 55 and follow it into Stockbridge.

From the East:

From Hwy 151, Cty F, or Cty E follow them west to Hwy 55. Turn North on Hwy 55 and follow it into Stockbridge.

Stockbridge on Mapquest